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Embodied Mindfulness: Developing Stability and Sensitivity for improved Coach-Mentor interactions

This Workshop has arisen out of taking part in the OCM annual conference for Coaches and mentors for the last two years, and out of a desire to offer a more detailed exploration of the topic to those interested in finding out more.

The Aim of this Weekend workshop is to introduce traditional Chinese approaches to the body-mind continuum and how to optimally navigate complex human interactions from a Chinese perspective. It is designed specifically for Mentors and Coaches and my hope is to help you to continue developing the skills you already have for working with clients as effectively as possible.

The workshop will involve practicing a mixture of sitting, standing and moving exercises both solo and partnered to help attendees:

·      Recognise and work with the interconnected nature of posture, breath and intention

·      Develop a clearer and calmer body-mind

·      Increase their physical and energetic stability

·      Increase their physical and energetic sensitivity

·      Recognise when you have patterned off clients and learn how to return to your own baseline after a session or at the end of the day.


The course will run in a similar fashion to the sessions offered at the OCM annual conference and is only open to coaches/mentors . This means that while the first day stands on its own and the second day will build upon and deepen the foundations developed on the first day.


10am-5pm each day (2 hour lunch break)

South Hinksey Village Hall, Oxfordshire

£75 Saturday only or £150 for both days

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