Taichi can be understood as a physically complex form of qigong involving a long set of flowing movements performed at a slow, rhythmic pace while maintaining a state of balance, alertness and structural integrity. I studied Lam style for 4 years, old Yang style for 2 years and finally Southern Wu style for 7 years over a 11 year period.

Currently I do not teach taichi  at Clearwater Qi Arts even thought I have studied it extensively. Why?

Most of us have limited amounts of time available for practice in daily life and learning just the choreography of even a short taichi form can take several months. This is before one can begin to focus on the internal content of the form where most of its health benefits are to be found.

As the choreography of qigong is much simpler than that of taichi one can start to develop these internal aspects much sooner making qigong a faster yet equally effective approach towards gaining these health benefits in a way more suited to the realities of the modern world for most people.